farmtech led

-Kurt Cobain-

"Even if the sun disappears,
I will get a ray of light."

Broader coverage, and stronger light!
Optimal for large-foliage plants! light.

Light rated at over 100 PPFD (stronger than the lamp type) is diffused at a broad angle of 120 degrees, making this product suitable for Swiss cheese plants, rubber plants, windmill palms, and other large-foliage plants.

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Like the full moon
that shines in the night.

The product has a round form factor resembling a full moon with an optic angle of over 200 degrees, dispersing light over a broad area. This product is recommended for those who raise plants with thin, fragile leaves.

Powerful light suitable
for succulents

Unlike with the lamp type, this product provides powerful downward light with an angle of 30 degrees and is suitable for succulents such as cacti or sansevierias that grow in desert or high mountain areas and require large quantities of light.

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